Coaching + Community Overview

Whether you are new to homeschool or simply looking for one-off advice on how to improve your existing one, we have experts waiting to help. There is no question too small or too big.

We use a proven framework and methodology to assist you in building (or improving) your homeschool program.

1-on-1 Coaching

Meet bi-monthly or monthly with one of our expert coaches. Your assigned coach will meet with you to conduct an initial assessment of where you are in your homeschool process and use our 5-step framework to create a tailored plan for your family. Our homeschool launch methodology includes exercises, assessments, and tools to help you achieve your goals. Sign up for a free 30min consultation to learn more.

Group Coaching (coming soon)

There is a power in learning along side others. Coming soon, we are launching monthly live group coaching courses. Families selecting this option will receive access to our exclusive digital community site that allows you to interact with our experts on staff and learn alongside other families.

Digital Classroom (coming soon)

Currently in production is our self-paced course. Subscription to our online course includes access to our digital community site.


How do we work together?

We offer 1-1 coaching, group coaching, and exclusive online community. See our Coaching and Community page for more details.

Are the services in-person or virtual?

All our offerings are based on virtual interactions and digitally accessed resources.

Is it too late in the school year to work with you?

We work with families throughout the entire year. Some families need more help in certain times of the year versus others. No matter where you are in your journey and in the school year, we are here to help.

How do we pay for services?

Services our offered on a monthly-basis. We recommend a minimum of 3-months for you to get the most out of the sessions. Services are offered based on a monthly subscription fee depending on the offering that best suits your family’s needs.

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