Homeschooling Well

Homeschooling Well is founded on the idea that every parent is equipped with the God-given ability to lead and disciple their children in all aspects of life, including education.

We come alongside you and provide the resources, community, and tailored coaching to help you build your homeschool.

Our 5–Step Launch Process

After several years of building and refining our own homeschool, we have created a simple 5-step process for establishing a successful homeschool that can adapt to your own family’s needs. Read our free-book to learn how to launch yours.

What we offer

Free Resources

We offer free resources accessible to any family to help guide you on your homeschool journey.

Coaching and Community

Through our Homeschooling Well Academy, we offer personalized family coaching services, group coaching through monthly live video-calls, and a member-only online community. Families that take advantage of the personalized homeschool coaching services have access to group coaching calls, and both receive access to our our online community.

The Team

Andrew + Jennifer (Our Founders)

Andrew and Jennifer, the founders of Homeschooling Well, work together to coach families and build helpful resources. Their teamwork is reflective of their belief that successful homeschools require the cooperative partnership of both parents.

Jennifer is the chief architect of Homeschooling Well’s philosophy and homeschooling approach.

Andrew, currently a corporate executive, applies his operational management expertise to creating a repeatable and successful framework for homeschooling families.

In sharing their successes and failures, Jennifer and Andrew hope to help many other parents launch their homeschool journey and accelerate past the typical early challenges.

In addition to Andrew and Jennifer, the Homeschooling Well team includes other coaches and subject matter experts.


How do we work together?

We offer 1-1 coaching, group coaching, and exclusive online community. See our Coaching and Community page for more details.

Are the services in-person or virtual?

All our offerings are based on virtual interactions and digitally accessed resources.

Is it too late in the school year to work with you?

We work with families throughout the entire year. Some families need more help in certain times of the year versus others. No matter where you are in your journey and in the school year, we are here to help.

How do we pay for services?

Services our offered on a monthly-basis. We recommend a minimum of 3-months for you to get the most out of the sessions. Services are offered based on a monthly subscription fee depending on the offering that best suits your family’s needs.

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